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Centre for Circular Design at University of the Arts London is a leading voice in academic design research and knowledge exchange. The team focus is on using practice research approaches to create multiple outputs to steer and support circular economies and communities around the globe.

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Shirt Stories: Know Thyself

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom." Socrates

A photo of a report called 'Textile Design Research and Practice'

Circular Transitions, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

Can academic & industry research create a shared vision for a circular future?

A dress on a coat hanger being help up to light coming in from a window

MISTRA Future Fashion, Phase 2

What if we could design garments for different speeds of use?

Materials Major Projects
A women wearing a blue shirt with a laser cut pattern down the middle

Pulp-It Paper Fashion

Can we improve a material’s desirability and biodegradability with new finishes?

A woman wearing a shirt with a laser cut floral pattern

Laser-Line Mono-T

How can we enable circular and responsive manufacturing through new digital processes?

A woman wearing a paper jacket and black leather skirt

Paper Leather Jacket

Can fast fashion ever be sustainable?

Large coloured posters and low tables with posters and objects


Can textile waste be made into fabric that's soft as a baby?

Materials Major Projects
A hand holding a small fabric sample

Fashion Fascia

Can textile waste be incorporated into future car production?

A close up of a women wearing a large printed collar

Top 100 Project

How can we extend the use of fashion textile products through narrative design?

A map of the uk with pin marks

Mapping Nonwoven Networks

Can we transform existing manufacturing lines with 'bolt-on' technologies?

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Circular Design Tools

Can designers make tools to support lifecycle thinking?

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Bringing together Design and LCA

How can we build a conversation with environmental science to inform our creative process?

An image of two green circles of different shades of green and annotated with notes

Whole Circles

What can research leaders do help grow emerging circular economies?

A series of portraits linked to different words

Face-ing Collaboration

Can portrait making support interdisciplinary collaboration?

Large piles of coloured clothes

Mixing it up in Prato

Is mechanical recycling a growing industry?

A women wearing a blue jacket

The Service Jacket

Do your clothes have the ability to transform into other garments?

A close up of a worksheet with lots of coloured stickers

Practices, Places, Projects

How can people connect through circular fashion, location and conviviality?

A group of people standing around a table of material samples

Materials Liaisons: facilitating cross-disciplinary communication

Can designers and scientists speak the same language?

A black jumper with the words 'Mend more buy less' written on it

Repair-Making in the Museum

Can repair be a craft practice in its own right?

A shirt of illustrated potraits on a mannequin against a red metal post.

Silence Shirts

Can meditation and silent-sketching help bridge gaps in working relationships?

An abstract  shirt displayed on a mannequin

Shavasana Shirts

Should we shop with a shavasana mindset?

A series of objects with arrows connecting them

Man-Made Re-Made

How can we communicate the evolving material landscape for circular design?

A series of sketches of a women in different outfits

Holistic Fashion Design

Can future fashion designers really change the world?



Can a pack of cards be used as a tool for change?

Major Projects
Two images of a women wearing  a printed shirt

Service Shirt

Imagine if our clothes lasted as long as the materials they were made from?

A series of boxes containing abstract graphics and a large red box containing white text

Textile Toolbox

How can we share our sustainable design tools with the world?

Major Projects
Rebecca Earley standing in front of a large poster of a women

MISTRA Future Fashion, Phase 1

Can we co-design a new fashion textile industry?

Two women holding and looking at some material

Weißensee GreenLab

How can we teach students sustainable design through Materials, Models, and Mindsets?

Materials Models Mindsets
A woman holding a card saying 'yes'

THERE AND BACK AGAIN: Starting from the end

How can we engage the research community at UAL and beyond around the theme of designing for a circular economy?

Materials Models Mindsets
Rebeeca Earley with Melissa Helmsley and other guests.

The Sustainability Sessions

How can fashion designers change ‘business as usual’?

Materials Models Mindsets
Two images of a women wearing  a printed shirt

From Singular to Plural

How possible is it for existing fashion businesses to become circular?

Two images of a women wearing  a printed shirt

Design Researchers in Residence

How can design researchers create a more circular industry from the inside?

Pieces of A4 paper with coloured post-it notes placed on them.

Everything that went wrong

What insights can we draw from reflecting on the challenges of prototyping circular garments?

Kate Goldsworthy presenting with four others to a crowd of people.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit and The Sustainable Fashion Research Agenda

How can we engage the industry with sustainable design research?

Cathryn Hall in front of a projector screen which shows a man wearing a pile of hats.

Divide, Switch, Blend

As practice researchers, how can we use our diverse skills and knowledge to change industry practices?

Inside the Resyntex factory

Resyntex Pilot Plant

What might the future of chemical recycling look like?


The Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFFT)

BFTT is led by University of the Arts London (UAL) in collaboration with UCL, Loughborough University, University of Cambridge, University of Leeds and Queen Mary University London, and includes specialist research centres in sustainable fashion, circular design, fashion business and innovation, digital anthropology, materials and textiles manufacturing

Kate Goldsworthy has taken up the role of Deputy Director of BFTT and continues to work with Rosie Hornbuckle and colleagues at LCF.

Major Projects

Circular Design Speeds, Mistra

The Circular Design Speeds project was developed as part of the Mistra Future Fashion Design Themeresearch. The proposition was to develop ‘ultra-fast’ and ‘super-slow’ design prototypes for different extremes of use, in order to better understand the design implications of different circular systems.

Researchers worked closely with material developers and service providers, to design appropriate materials for different speeds of use, production and recovery. They developed the concepts whilst also continuing to share their approaches with fashion designers in industry to enable commercial prototypes to be developed alongside the research garments.

The work resulted in several major outcomes: The Circular Transitions conference and Making Circles exhibition in 2016, exhibits in the V&A’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition and permanent collection in 2018, the Disrupting Patterns exhibition with Filippa K also in 2018 and the Circular Design Guidelines to be published in 2019.

See below for project stories:

Service Shirt: a 50-year fashion statement, Mistra

Design for Permanence: Filippa K, Mistra

Fast Forward: Fast & Light Fashion, Mistra

Design for Transience: Filippa K, Mistra

Major Projects
Service Shirt, Year 0.jpg

Service Shirt: a 50-year fashion statement, Mistra

Imagine if our clothes lasted as long as the materials they were made from?

The Throw Away Dress, Prototype. Filippa K

The Throwaway Dress: Filippa K

100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable, this concept dress is the Filippa K solution to fast fashion. It provides the wearer with an opportunity to update their wardrobe on a whim and dress up for a special occasion - while also reducing the environmental impact of this behaviour.


The Eternal Trench Coat: Filippa K

A rainy day layer, protective overcoat, or even an unconventional dress, the Filippa K 2018 Front Runner styles are inspired by the eternal elegance of the trench coat and its ability to suit any season or occasion. The light material can be packed easily for on-the-go accessibility, and the water­repellency makes it wearable in any weather.


Fast Forward: Fast & Light Fashion, Mistra

Could our clothes be produced, worn and recovered to balance fashion with sustainability?

Brochure Spreads_InTRO.2.jpg

Research Circles

A collection of essays and interviews edited by Rebecca Earley and authored by the Centre for Circular Design’s internal and external researchers, associates and knowledge exchange collaborators.

Materials Models Mindsets


How can design education help to revive the charity shop sector, post Covid-19?

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